Waste BINs are emptied at regular times per week, no matter if they are full or completely empty.
The Aventiss bin contents meters provide a daily insight of the exact filling level of these bins so the waste collecting trucks only need to travel to bins that have a certain level of filament, thus saving a huge amount of time and gasoline. Moreover, CO2 emission is drastically lowered and the data from the contents meters provide a terrific management tool.

Besides checking the contents, the Aventiss contents meter also registers the movement of the bin so you know exactly when the bin has been emptied!

The Aventiss content meters are very small in size, easy to install and are battery operated with batteries that last for a minimum of 3 years.

The data is send to the Aventiss communication server and then forwarded to any IP/DNS-port combination. Aventiss also provides online viewers to show data and generate exports.