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GPRS based tracers can only operate (send their data) on locations where there is GPRS coverage.
This is usually only in areas around cities and villages.
On oceans, in deserts, forests etc there is no GPRS coverage and vehicles with a track & trace system installed cannot be monitored.

The solution for this are the Aventiss satellite based track & trace systems that have a worldwide coverage. There are both fixed power units and fully battery powered units that can work up to 3 years without needing to replace batteries.

These tracers are available with digital inputs/digital outputs, counter inputs, analogue inputs etc to monitor devices or machine operating hours.

The Aventiss satellite tracers send their data on regular intervals to the same communication server as our GPRS tracers, thus enabling to forward their data in the same format as these GPRS tracers.
Functionality of these tracers can be adjusted to specific needs/wishes.